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Breathing apparatus

MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus


This course aims to give participants the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and competently utilise breathing apparatus. These skills are applied through written, discussion, questioning, role-plays and practical application for the industry specific unit of competency MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus.

This competency applies to operators who are required to wear breathing apparatus for part of their job because they are working in a confined space with hazardous gases / vapours, in an anoxic atmosphere or other applications requiring the wearing of breathing apparatus. They may also be required to wear it in emergency situations, however this is not the prime focus of this unit.

This unit covers competence associated with the operation and maintenance of breathing apparatus equipment in an irrespirable atmosphere. The course also provides students a pathway that can lead onto further qualification in Certificate II in Process Manufacturing.


There are no unit pre-requisites for the operate breathing apparatus course however Learners must be clean shaven and not be wearing glasses to ensure an adequate facial seal as stated in AS/NZS-1715-2009. Pre - enrolment skills checks are used by Loadwise Australia if doubt arises for students that may have language, literacy and numeracy issues. To enquire for skills check call (02) 5105 6122 or conduct the Loadwise Australia LLN skills check accessed on loadwise.com.au

Course Location

Scheduled courses are carried out on site at Loadwise Australia’s training facility Address;

U3, 18-20 Maryborough st, Fyshwick ACT. 2609.

Courses can be carried out onsite at workplaces (in the ACT jurisdiction) however a pre-site visit must be arranged to assess suitability for training and assessment.

Course Cost

$490.00 per person (GST Exempt for accredited training).

A worker may be eligible for course funding if he/she works for a company or organisation that is substantially (at least 80%) engaged in carrying out work described in the Schedule of Work in the Act (Building and Construction Industry Training Levy Act 1999), within the ACT; Contact the ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority on 02 6262 5630 for more information

How are students assessed?

Upon completion of training all students are then required to undertake their final theory and practical assessments

  • The theory exam is a closed book test and no outside assistance is permitted. Reasonable adjustment can be applied by allowing students to request an oral assessment if language or literacy barriers exist. (Trainers must be notified of this request prior to course commencement). Some calculations are required as part of the theory assessment and must be completed in writing. (The use of a calculator is permitted)
  • Practical assessment involves students demonstrating pre-donning and operational checks on breathing apparatus, operating the breathing apparatus whilst monitoring and controlling hazards and post operational checks.

Skills we teach

  • Appropriately conduct pre-donning tests.
  • Correctly don breathing apparatus.
  • Operate breathing apparatus whilst identifying, monitoring and controlling hazards
  • Move in conditions of reduced visibility
  • Use breathing apparatus in emergency procedures
  • Follow organisation procedures
  • Correctly remove breathing apparatus
  • Return breathing apparatus to operational status

Refund Policy

Can be accessed from Loadwise Australia Website www.loadwise.com.au by clicking Resources tab - Fees & Charges.

USI Requirements

Breathing Apparatus Training requires a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Loadwise Australia is unable to provide you with your Statement of Attainment until you have provided us with your USI. To apply for a free USI visit the USI website or contact our facility. https://www.usi.gov.au/




$490.00 (GST Free)


Statement of Attainment displaying Nationally recognised Unit of competency listed below:

MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus.

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